Invacare Perfecto2 W (Whisper) Is Now Available!


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The Invacare Perfecto2 is the latest home oxygen concentrator added to the Invacare respiratory equipment family.  The Perfecto 2 home oxygen concentrator is the most reliable and most durable home oxygen concentrator on the market today! Invacare has always been the leading manufacturer when it comes to oxygen equipment. The Invacare Perfecto 2 Oxygen Concentrator is the way to go if you are a patient in need of medical grade oxygen 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Can’t fall asleep with your loud oxygen concentrator you have now? Does it sound like you have a construction site in your own house? The Invacare Perfecto 2 Whisper, also known as Invacare Perfecto 2 W, is now available! Enjoy a good nights rest with one of the  quietest home oxygen machines. There is no reason you should have to suffer from lack of sleep because of your oxygen concentrator. The Perfecto 2 W is so quiet you could sleep on top of it and not know it is on.

Invacare Perfecto 2 W 5Liter Features:

Don’t get tricked by internet companies, we offer a wide variety of home oxygen concentrators. Let one of our reps find the right home oxygen concentrator for you. If you are wanting the best home oxygen concentrator on the market, you are looking for the Invacare Perfecto 2 W with OPI, with a Thomas Motor. The following are the features of the high end Invacare Perfecto 2 W model:

→ Thomas Motor

OPI (Oxygen Purity Indicator)

Ultra Quiet Home Oxygen Concentrator – Great For Noise Sensitive Patients Or Former Liquid Users

Based On The Perfecto2 Product Platform – Same Great Durability And Reliability

HomeFill Compatible

The Invacare Perfecto 2 W is the best way to go if you are a patient in need of oxygen therapy, and a good nights rest!

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